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Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada
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The Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC) is the only nation-wide political pro-choice group devoted to ensuring abortion rights and access for women.  We formed in 2005 to carry out political and educational work to support reproductive rights and health.

How do we at ARCC accomplish our task to advocate women’s choices, and to make known our dissent that opposes any and all means to thwart their access to reproductive services, including abortion procedures at hospitals and clinics across the country?

As a coalition ourselves, we have learnt to work conjointly with other pro-choice groups, with women’s groups, and with doctors and other professionals to ensure that access to these services be maintained and improved.

Over the past six years we have created a number of structures and methods to accomplish our mission. Our virtual exchanges are continuous and reach every corner of the country nearly every day. Through our website, member listserves (ARCC Activist, ARCC News, and ARCC Friends), Facebook page, and Twitter page, we inform our members and other Canadian citizens on a very broad range of issues related to abortion and reproductive rights.

Our representatives across the country are likewise involved in their regions, cities, and communities, and we all maintain a vigilance and high level of communication with other Canadian pro-choice activists.  We also inform and work with Members of Parliament, operate a Student and Youth Network for Reproductive Justice (Synergy), work with student interns on diverse research projects, and carry out various pro-choice campaigns.

Our Board of Directors (currently some dozen activists) meets through a teleconference call every month or so to make decisions regarding the business of ARCC, to discuss the latest news and to plan activities.  Our Executive Director has frequent exchanges with Board members and other activists in between these calls, and always seeks their collaboration and responses.


À propos de ce membre 

La Coalition pour le droit à l’avortement au Canada” (CDAC) est le seul organisme politique pancanadien voué à assurer le droit à l’avortement libre et gratuit.  Nous avons créé la Coalition en 2005 pour poursuivre un travail politique et pédagogique, et pour soutenir les droits à la santé reproductive en général.