Research Centre reports latest to be destroyed

By Lethbridge Herald, 25 August 2015

For more than a century, Lethbridge researchers have been spurring improvements for Canada’s farmers. Over that time, they’ve created a wealth of reports and studies while working at the city’s Agriculture and Agri-Food Research Centre.

But last week, much of that material was consigned to a dumpster under orders from Ottawa. The Lethbridge centre has become the 16th casualty of a Conservative government war against science, according to the federal scientists’ professional organization.

The loss of many decades worth of research findings will hamper Lethbridge scientists working on issues ranging from soil chemistry, bees and rangeland concerns, insect pests and greenhouse gases (...) - along with studies on such key crops as canola, potatoes, wheat and beans. (...)

On the weekend, an Agriculture and Agri-Food media relations officer said the Harper government is “modernizing the delivery of library services” by making digital copies of what it considers important. It will keep “all materials of business value.”

But federal election candidate Cheryl Meheden, responding to the concerns of research scientists who contacted her after the dumping began, says much has already been lost. (...)

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