We're ignoring vital issues

By Merrily Weisbord, The Globe and Mail, 4 February 2011

It’s discomforting to watch politicians spend billions on self-serving attack ads and staged announcements of new prisons and fighter planes, while ignoring such vital issues as that which the People’s Food Policy Project calls “a crisis in Canada’s food system.”

In our country, child hunger grows at an alarming rate, food bank use has increased 28 per cent in two years [...] and the average farm income in Canada is negative $20,000 a year. [...]

The People’s Food Policy Project, a pan-Canadian initiative of more than 3,500 citizens and grassroots organizations, will present Canada’s first food sovereignty policy report in April. For our country to solve grave problems, such as a food system in crisis, we require open political discourse. A government deaf to, or repressive of, society’s grassroots voices doesn’t engage in civil political discourse. [...]

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Photo: The Globe and Mail