Demonization of environmentalists stifles debate

Joe Oliver

By George Heyman, Vancouver Sun, 16 January 2012

[...] The current rhetoric from Harper, Oliver and Ethical Oil is intended to marginalize legitimate debate on the crucial social, economic and environmental issues facing all Canadians. It ignores the fact that, despite the Conservatives holding a commanding majority of seats in Parliament, more than 60 per cent of voting Canadians supported viewpoints and parties other than theirs in last May's election. It ignores in this case the strong opposition of first nations along the pipe-line route and down the coast, nations whose land claims remain unsettled. […]

Canadians deserve better from our leaders than stifling legitimate debate about our economic choices and alter-natives. We deserve better than jingoism aimed at muzzling Canada's tradition of vibrant environmental advocacy, a tradition that has pre-served much that Canadians intensely value. […]


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Photo: Jake Wright/The Hill Times