Forget tuition fees: If anything calls for a riot, it’s Harper’s stealth governance

Photo by Sean Kilpatrick / The Canadian Press

By Richard Poplak, Globe and Mail, 21 May 2012

There’s a bill, called C-38. It’s driven to Parliament on forklifts retrofitted for maximum stealth. This bill, similar at 420 pages in weight and heft to a small pony, is delivered to dead-eyed MPs, behind whom stands the chief whip, taser in hand. (...)

We find ourselves at the cusp of one of those moments in history books (not that there are many history books in the countries where bills like C-38 are routinely passed): Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his legions are trying to shovel an omnibus bill, disguised as a budget, down the throats of sleeping Canadians. (...)

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Photo by Sean Kilpatrick / The Canadian Press.