Military dismisses ombudsman’s findings regarding alleged mistreatment of former soldiers

Chris Wattie / Reuters

By David Pugliese, the Ottawa Citizen, 23 September 2012

The Canadian Forces senior leadership has dismissed the findings of military watchdog Pierre Daigle that two former soldiers, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders, were unfairly treated by officers and Defence Department managers.

The military is claiming that Daigle, the Canadian Forces ombudsman, has no jurisdiction to even investigate such cases, according to documents obtained by the Citizen. (…)

The decision to ignore the recommendations in Daigle’s two reports, the result of five years of investigation, appears to be a hardening of the attitude in the military leadership toward PTSD cases and what the Canadian Forces ombudsman can and cannot investigate.

Officials in the ombudsman’s office note this is one of the first times the Canadian Forces leadership has questioned the watchdog’s authority to investigate the conduct of officers and department managers. (…)

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Photo by Chris Wattie / Reuters.