Edgar Schmidt and Canadian democracy

Dennis Gruending

By Dennis Gruending, Rabble.ca, 22 January 2013

(…) Knowledgeable observers are saying that Schmidt’s case and the department’s harsh reaction toward his speak to the erosion of democracy in Canada. In fact, a group called the Voices-Voix Coalition, has filed a submission with a United Nations working group in which it accuses the government of a whole range of transgressions against democracy. The UN group will hold sessions in April-May 2013. (…)

Voices-Voix talks about a wide-ranging variety of actions taken by the government to disempower critics and to stifle dissent. Many of these actions are systemic, for example, the defunding that has targeted development organizations, women’s equality groups, and environmental organizations.

But the Voices-Voix submission also says that many of the government’s harassing actions have been targeted at individuals and are highly personal. (…)

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Photo from Rabble.ca.