A bilingual series of 10 short interviews on the state of democratic rights and dissent in Canada.

The views expressed in these videos are those of the persons being interviewed and are not necessarily reflective of the views of the Voices-Voix coalition or organizations that make up the Voices-Voix coalition.

Michel Lambert - Les voix réduites au silence au Canada 9/10

Today, Michel Lambert speaks out about international co-operation budget cuts and shutting down of foreign policy critique in Canada.

Leilani Farha - Silencing Dissent in Canada 7/10

Leilani Farha speaks out about progressive charities and human rights groups being audited by the CRA for their policy work, and the consequence for marginalized voices who are not heard by the Canadian government.

Cindy Blackstock - Silencing dissent in Canada 1/10

Cindy Blackstock speaks out about dissent in Canada and about being placed under surveillance because she disagreed with the federal government on its treatment of First Nations children.

Dave Bleakney - Silencing Dissent in Canada 6/10

Dave Bleakney speaks out on dissent in Canada, unions targeted by the federal government and surveillance of the labour movement.

Katie Gibbs - Silencing dissent in Canada 3/10

Katie Gibbs speaks out: in Canada, evidence is being disregarded, scientists are losing their ability to speak out and debate, research programs are experiencing dramatic funding cuts, and libraries are being closed.

Lydya Assayag - Les voix réduites au silence au Canada 4/10

Lydya Assayag speaks out: women’s groups are losing their funding, health research is being shut down, access to information is undermined.

Edgar Schmidt - Silencing Dissent in Canada 8/10

Edgar Schmidt speaks out about whistleblowers being silenced and his experience to defend the Charter of rights and freedoms.

John Bennett - Silencing dissent in Canada 2/10

John Bennett speaks out about dissent in Canada and how environmental groups and those who criticize the government on environmental issues are vilified and intimidated by CRA audits.

Maina Kiai - Silencing Dissent in Canada 10/10

UN Special Rapporteur Maina Kiai speaks on the trend of narrowing space for dissent in Canada and the need for an assessment of democratic rights.

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